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Web design is a primary step of creating websites. Web designing is transforming an idea into a user friendly design. Generally it means forming a web layout, graphic designing, creating user friendly content.

Web designing is creating an attractive layout of a website. It is about creativity designing a website for a superior user experience.

On the other hand Developers are responsible for the functioning of the website with the help of programming languages.

It depends on the type of website you want us to develop. Usually we take 1 to 4 months to develop a website. No matter what type of website it is, Star IT will deliver your project within deadline.

Website hosting requires domain. If you do not have a domain Aicodingx can help you in purchasing one.

To learn more about our web development price and packages, visit our Price List

We support our clients with various web related issues free of cost for upto 1 year. For example maintenance, content or data errors.

Secure Sockets Layer protects sensitive data from between between a server and a client. SSL protects the vulnerable information between a server and a client. For example between a server and a client, login credentials. If the security system is not strong enough , the information can be attacked and used by others.

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