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Custom Social Media Marketing Solutions

OUR SOCIAL MEDIA APPROACH We have a proven track record with social media. And while it is becoming a more and more popular marketing strategy, we keep our eye on the larger picture. We want to see your online profile through sustained growth and expansion, as opposed to a few quick gimmicks that temporarily elevate your status before quickly fading out of user’s minds. Too often, companies will develop a singular, but creative, piece of social media content that garners them fifteen seconds of fame but fails to produce anything else of interest and loses those would-be clients.

Get a complete strategy of Social Media Marketing

Hire Expert Cross Platform Search Engine Optimization to Boost Your Business

Aicodingx team members have over EIGHTEEN centuries of cumulative digital marketing work experience. No other SEO company has a team nearly as qualified as Aicodingx. We only hire the top 1% of our skills-tested applicants, and their rigorous training includes our university-level educational courses. We have advanced systems and AI-powered tools to make sure our work is of the highest quality.

  • # 800+ Engine Optimization
  • # 200+ Team Strength
  • # User-Friendly Interface
  • # 400 Happy Clients
  • # 95% Repeat business
  • # Quality Service UX
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Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Substitution of Traditional Method of Market
  • An effective way of Branding and engaging the audience
  • Reduction in cost and raises standards
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Gives more value to customers
  • 24*7 support facility
  • Feasible and Convenient
  • Secured from vulnerable attacks

Our Services

We think big and have hands in all leading technology platforms to provide you wide array of services.

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Our Social Media Marketing Process

Our Social Media Marketing follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs Social Media MarketingProcess


Building Your Strategy

Are you running your business’ social media accounts, not having a clue how your activity will actually contribute to your goals?


Digital Grassroots Engagement

A social media marketing plan is most often used by the marketing team to guide them when creating and posting content. With one, they’ll know what types of content to post; content that catches the attention of your target customers.


Your Best Content

The good news is that having a documented social media plan gives you the evidence you need to ask for resources—whether that’s more budget, equipment, or people. It’s cold, hard, evidence that you need X to achieve Y.


Fast-moving nature of social media

Something’s always changing in the world of social media marketing.Whether it’s a rising platform or a new content trend, marketers need to be on top of it. This means your plan can feel outdated within months and need constant revising to make sure it’s still relevant.


Lack of time to create the strategy

This often means social media marketing plans don’t get finished, or they’re left too long without a revisit. That means the strategy itself is a waste of time—not just time spent creating the strategy, but pushing forward with an off-the-cuff plan that doesn’t actually impact your business goals.


Competing needs and goals

Marketers are balancing the needs and desires of multiple teams. Sales teams likely want product-focused content; the advertising department is pushing for a higher number of followers they can boost their ads to

We Deliver Our Best

Our Social Media Marketing agency will help you

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Increase online visibility

Our SEO campaigns help you gain brand awareness and website visitors without paying for expensive ad placements.


Drive high-quality traffic

By focusing on a wide range of topics for content, you can reach a bigger audience primed to convert with you.


Boost your credibility

Getting ranked higher in the search results signals to users that Google or other search engines trust your website.


Decrease your advertising costs

With a well-planned SEO strategy, your company can rank organically in the search results for high-value converting keywords.


Generate sales and ROI

SEO and content marketing together targets every stage of your buying funnel from top to the bottom, leading to increased sales and leads.


Drive long-term success

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process which drives long-term success with continued commitment.

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